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Why Choose Flextexts

The answer is simple – you can’t afford not to. Flextexts is designed to lower attrition rates. Preventing cancellations and increasing top line revenue is the primary objective in the design of this software. The reason to choose Flextexts is because the business will thrive with it

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    Create custom replies for specific keywords or phrases.

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    Guaranteed Link Delivery

    Almost all other SMS platforms have difficulty delivering messages with a link. We used proprietary technology to bypass any link filters and guarantee link delivery.

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    MMS/Picture Messaging

    Include pictures or GIFs in your message. This feature can be used to send a picture of class schedules, pricing, meal plans, & more!

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    Inbox feature - One to One Communication

    FlexTexts provides you with an Inbox feature that allows you to interact with your customers in real time. Engage in a one-on-one two-way chat, answering any questions they may have. Watch conversations as they come in and respond with messages or images.

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    Instantly Reach out/text new leads

    Leads get messaged with a custom welcome text within 30 seconds of opt-ing in on your website.

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    Link Reporting

    Ability to track how many customers click on links they've received.

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    Secure Data And Information

    All your data and information is 100% safe and secure behind our industry best SSL technology and encryption.

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    Personalized Messages/Custom Fields

    Integrated tokens for custom fields like first name, last name, city, state, & more.

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    Upload Your Subscriber List

    Have you been using another text messaging provider? Are you tired of having to format lists in a specific way for other programs to use them? Are you ready to try the best? With FlexTexts you can import your list in any format and we will parse it for you automatically.

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    Unrestricted Message Length

    Most companies restrict your message to 160 characters. With FlexTexts we guarantee deliver-ability with unlimited characters per message.

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    Powerful Message Search

    Powerful yet easy to use search function allows you to filter specific keywords or phrases on all of your message history.

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    Zapier Integration

    Leverage the power of our Zapier integration to automatically reach out to new leads as soon as they opt-in through your business' website.

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    FREE Incoming Messages

    Did we mention that all incoming messages are FREE! Yes, that is correct. You only pay for the messages you send out. Bingo!

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